Weekly Passport: #JeSuisAhmed, Frosted HTML, Brilliant Boredom, & Equal Pay


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Weekly Passport: Enigmas, Marches, Mobile Driven Poetry & Social Change Hip-Hop


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Making Sure Malala is Not Misunderstood


There’s a lot we can take from her example, and for the most part, we can agree that she represents all that we should strive to be as global citizens: compassionate for the oppressed, unafraid to speak truth to power, and motivated to take individual daily actions to advance human rights and peace. And yet, there are levels of nuance to Malala’s Nobel Prize that are crucial to point out if we want to make the most out of the example she is setting. Her award hasn’t been all sunshine and roses, and though she’s been branded as a superhero for girls’ education, her legacy and this award goes far deeper than this single issue.