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Meet Kate!

Kate Otto Chebly is a resident physician and the author of Everyday Ambassador: Make a Difference by Connecting in a Disconnected World. As a global health professional she has worked for The World Bank, USAID, and various grassroots organizations in Indonesia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Haiti. She earned her BA in International Relations, MPA in Health Policy and Management, and MD from New York University. She is a proud Reynolds Scholar in Social Entrepreneurship, member of the Academy of Achievement, Truman Scholar, Luce Scholar, StartingBloc Fellow, and World Economic Forum Global Shaper. Check out Kate’s 2012 TEDx Talk, her Huffington Post column, and her 2009 NYU commencement speech.

Meet Victoria!


Victoria Freyre is a writer and editor whose deep seeded love of writing dates back to her first completed work, a five chapter story she penned at age 12. It chronicled the unrequited love of a teen for her next door neighbor. Whether she is jotting down bits of wacky conversation between her unsuspecting friends or writing what she thinks will be the quintessential great american novel, she can always be found armed with some kind of messy notebook and various multi-colored pens. Born and raised in the humid suburbs of Miami, Victoria currently resides in the delicious city of Chicago with her husband and her slightly maladjusted pup.

Meet Anya!


Anya Elena Urcuyo is a recent graduate from the New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she focused on International Health and Policy. She is passionate about creating programs that promote mutual understanding between diverse cultures.

Meet Anjana!









Anjana Sreedhar supports strategic marketing efforts for a healthcare consulting firm in our nation’s capital – allowing her to focus on the intersections between diversity, inclusion, and intercultural communication in healthcare. She is committed to equipping the next generation of social impact leaders with the intercultural communication and relationship building skills they need to produce meaningful – not just well-intentioned – change in the world.


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