Everyday Ambassador’s #YearofConnection Webinar Series is a free resource for you to unlock the power of human connection in your everyday life! #yearofconnection_linkedinheader

10: “I’m Home! What’s Next?” with Kathryn Pisco of Unearth the World

9: “Good Intentions Aren’t Enough: Preparing for a Social Impact Career” with Robin Pendoley of Thinking Beyond Borders

8: Secrets to Happiness (and High Performance!) in Your Workplace” with Michael Lee Stallard of Connection Culture

7: “How to Use Data to Yield Human Connection” with Priya Iyer of Tulalens

6: “Checkin’ It Twice: The Everyday Ambassador Last-Minute Gift List!”

5: “How Stereotypes Change the Way We Connect” with Tayo Rockson of UYD Media

4: How to Contribute to Lasting, Postive Social Change with Lisa Kuhn of Foundation for Sustainable Development

3: How Travel Impacts Local Communities with Stan Rosenberg of Trip of a Lifetime

2: How Natural Disasters Have the Potential to Enhance Commitment and Connection with Chris McKay of Crooked Trails

1: How to Be a Responsible Voluntourist with Willy Oppenheim of Omprakash


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